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Know Before You Go

Language: The official language of Japan is Japanese.

WeatherSpring (March & April): The weather is warm and not too humid. Japan is crowded with travelers at this time of the year with it being cherry blossom season.


Summer (May to September): The cities are hot and humid during this time of the year. However, it is a great time to explore the beached and mountainous regions.


Autumn (October & November): The weather is mild to warm. Depending on the region you visit, it is a good time to see the colourful fall leaves.


Winter (December to February): Temperatures are cool and crisp. The mountainous areas will see heavy snowfall which is great for skiing!

Currency and Payment Methods: The currency used in Japan is the Yen. While ¥ is the symbol that many in the west are familiar with, in Japan you will commonly see the kanji character円. Most places in Japan accept credit cards, however, have cash on hand if you are visiting more rural areas.

Power Plugs: Japan uses power plug type A (two flat parallel pins) and type B (two flat parallel pins with a grounding pin).

Safety & Emergency Contact: In case you are in an emergency, the following are the numbers to call.

Police: 110

Fire/Ambulance: 119

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